Barbara D

My husband and I had heard that a condo we thought we wanted was going to be listed. We contacted Terri. We met with her the next day and told her that we were not even sure we wanted to move. We were only interested in the one unit, and it wasn't even on the market. Nonetheless, Terri said she would love to work with us and would let us know when the unit was listed. It was listed a couple of weeks later and she was kind enough to take us to view twice during the week it was listed. Terri helped us write a competitive offer when bids were taken. Once we had purchased, Terri helped us find painters, electricians, and even cabinet people. She met contractors when we could not and facilitated our move to the new place in every possible way. Terri even found people to organize the actual move - Moves Made Simple. She is amazing!

Meanwhile, Terri helped us find a stager for our former condo and listed it as well. We knew the time for the quick contract had recently passed and asked her how long she thought it would take for us to sell. She said a month. She was right on target. A month later we signed a contract. Terri had kept in touch the entire time. She had open houses for which she was there. Every week she told us how many showings we had had and what people she thought were interested. All the while she was still assisting us with our new place.
Besides being an exemplary professional, Terri is a charming, kind person. She is a pleasure to work with and someone you enjoy knowing. I recommend Terri wholeheartedly.


Your scale only goes up to 5 stars or 10 on the pull-down menu. I would give Terri one hundred. She is the finest example of a professional with integrity & character who is kind, compassionate, attentive, thoughtful & resourceful, a real agent I would love to work with her again. This is the second project we have done together. I would not hesitate to call on her in the future. She is a credit to your group and deserves the highest praise. My family and I count ourselves blessed to have worked with her on our most recent purchase.

Paula D

Several years ago, we happened to meet Terri Agee Smith when looking at a nearby townhouse for fun. Nonetheless, I was impressed enough to save her card which was something I had never done. Recently, Terri helped us buy a new and sell our old condominium. Thank goodness I saved that card. Terri is amazing!

Carl & Nancy F

Terri is not only the best realtor we’ve ever met but one of the hardest working and kindest people we’ve been blessed to know. She was the best part of our entire transaction. She constantly went above and beyond her job description to help us. We will recommend her to everyone we know. We consider her a friend for life!

Allan S

Ms. Smith is an excellent agent. Our purchase was a complex, non-bank repossession that required Terri to analyze and educate the note holder (homeowner) on the realities of the house's market valuation. She then had to work out details with the home's occupier to facilitate an amiable exit. This was all done in a in short timeframe (2.5 weeks). Terri’s analysis and diplomatic skills were key to our successful home purchase. We will be using her for future transactions and highly recommend her.

Bill P

I am a 53 yr. old father of triplets who recently went through a separation and needed to find a house the buy as well as sell the one I am in. I have bought and sold a number of homes over the years and usually used the most popular and recognized agents in specific areas like Magnolia, Queen Anne, and Capitol Hill. Although for the most part they have been very good I am a high maintenance client who wants to know when the best homes hit the market immediately at the best prices so I do not lose the opportunity to another party.
I recently went looking for another house because my triplets are going to high school and was fortunate to come across the best realtor in the business in my opinion Terri Agee Smith. She listened to my needs, understands the dynamics and differences between the buyer and seller agent relationships and works every day to send me listings that are in my area of interest at the price points I am looking for immediately when they hit the market. When the other agents I used to work with learned of my recent activities I started to get some of the same listings that my realtor had already been sending only a day late and a dollar short.

All I can say is that Terri Agee Smith doesn’t do it that way, she just works and works to provide the most professional service I have ever experienced in looking for and buying a new house. I am in an episode of the Property Brothers buying and selling. She found me a great house at a great price and is now preparing my house to get ready to sell from finding me a highly rated contractor to getting me a pre-inspection so I can fix the issues before the house comes on the market to providing interior/staging help (personally) to house sitting with all the vendors and making sure it is done timely to even fixing my sick son lunch who unfortunately afflicted with arthritis and home most of the time while I am at work.